Better Ideas. Bolder Ideas. Bigger Profits.

  • One Hour Innovator for Your Software

    Add the One Hour Innovator module to your software and customers will see an increase in the quality and impact of ideas flowing through your innovation management platform.

    Product Enhancement

    Add functionality to your core products without taking the time or risk to develop the functions in-house. Instantly offer new features to your customers

    Increased Revenue

    • Upsell existing customers the new One Hour Innovator module
    • Increase renewal rates by creating greater customer satisfaction and impact
    • Increase your chance of closing a sale with more features to improve the quality of ideas in your system.

    Greater Customer Satisfaction

    The One Hour Innovator provides 11 instructional videos and over 100 tips to help an employee improve their idea and confidence.

    Benefits & Technical Features

    Competitive Advantage

    • Distinguish your platform from the competition by offering a world class innovation module built from EDG’s 20+ years experience in Silicon Valley and working with pioneering organizations around the world.
    • Claim the CO-STAR method which has been used successfully in 39 countries as your own.

    Primary Outputs of One Hour Innovator

    Produces the key items sponsors and management expect to see:

    • Idea Summary
    • CO-STAR
    • Proof of Concept Plan
    • Elevator Pitch
    • Fundable Proposal

    All the outputs can be exported into a text document for easy placement into MSWORD, PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.

    Author’s Expert Instruction

    Users learn how to bring their ideas to life through a variety of proven vehicles:

    • Over 100 tips
    • 11 instructional videos
    • ROI Calculator
    • Insightful examples and self-assessment activities
    • Links to government resources

    Secure Cloud SAAS

    Cloud based "Software as a Service" model is simple to deploy and scale.

    • Confidentiality is guaranteed
    • Automated data backups
    • Single Sign On (SSO) integration available

    Tech Support

    Available Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm PST.


    Intuitive and easy to use interface can be tailored to company branding

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