Unleash the exciting ideas in the minds of your workforce.

  • One Hour Innovator for Your Enterprise

    With 60 minutes of expert online instruction, your employees will learn how to champion their ideas and successfully pitch a fundable business proposal.

    Create Value

    Develop bold new ideas around your oraganization's top priorities.

    Cut Costs

    Identify operational enhancements and drive efficiency.

    Engage Employees

    Increase employee satisfaction and their commitment to the enterprise.

    More than a Business Proposal Template

    One Hour Innovator will help weed out weaker ideas and transform the most valuable ones into a winning business proposal that can be presented to management. It also spreads common innovation concepts and practices across the enterprise that dramatically enhance collaboration and the speed of idea development

    One Hour Innovator operates effectively as a stand-alone toolkit for your workforce, but can be easily partnered with an idea management software platform to optimize the overall innovation capabilities of your organization.

    Benefits & Technical Features

    Primary Outputs

    Produces the key items sponsors and management expect to see:

    • Idea Summary
    • CO-STAR
    • Proof of Concept Plan
    • Elevator Pitch
    • Fundable Proposal

    All the outputs can be exported into a text document for easy placement into MSWORD, PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.

    Accelerate and Track Idea Development

    Applies to any business idea worth investing in.

    • 5 Step process based on the proven CO-STAR method
    • Easy to use business proposal tempalte for documenting your thinking
    • Tracks the progress at each step and stores all ideas in the project

    Expert Instruction

    The One Hour Innovator is backed by the Enterprise Development Group, a trusted name in innovation for over 20 years. Their Silicon Valley methods have been used successfully by organizations in 39 countries.

    • Over 100 tips
    • 11 instructional videos
    • ROI Calculator
    • Insightful examples and self-assessment activities
    • Links to government resources


    Intuitive and easy to use interface can be tailored to company branding

    Secure Cloud SAAS

    Cloud based "Software as a Service" model is simple to deploy and scale.

    • No installation or IT support required
    • Confidentiality is guarenteed
    • Automated data backups
    • Single Sign On (SSO) integration available
    • Access anywhere: Works on any computer or device with an up-to-date, modern web browser and an Internet connection.

    Tech Support

    Available Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm PST

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    Innovation Boost Camp

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