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  • Innovation Boost Camp

    A custom-tailored program for you or your organization.

    Innovation is far too important to the fortunes of an enterprise to be left to chance or ad hoc initiatives. The task of identifying opportunities and creating new value should be the domain of all employees and practiced every day. The Innovation Boost Camp provides a vehicle for inspiring creative thinking and embedding innovation as a core capability within the organization—similar to Total Quality Management (QM) or customer service. Imagine the possibilities if:

    • Every employee came to work each day believing that their ideas could shape the destiny of their enterprise.
    • They were skilled enough to uncover unmet needs, identify significant opportunities, and champion big breakthrough ideas quickly and collaboratively.

    The 1–2 day camp offers tools, techniques, and strategies for participants to create a powerful discipline that makes innovation inevitable. It is built on EDG’s experiences in Silicon Valley and working with some of the most pioneering companies in the world—the BBC, IDEO, SRI International, Johnson & Johnson, Kaiser Permanente, Panera, and Toyota.

    "Individual employees are your only source of innovation. When your workers become more innovative, your enterprise will become more innovative."

    – Laszlo Gyorffy, Global Innovation Science Handbook, McGraw-Hill, 2014

    Participant Benefits

    Participants will gain a foundation of best practices enabling them to champion their ideas with confidence, including:

    • Methods for challenging conventional thinking and generating novel solutions
    • A framework (CO-STAR) for developing ideas to their full potential
    • Communication techniques for presenting the value of their new idea in a simple yet persuasive manner
    • Practice in running a Rapid Idea Improvement Session to efficiently gather stakeholder feedback
    • The opportunity to collaborate with colleagues and develop their own ideas
    • Tips for rapid prototyping and how to use experimentation to reduce risk
    • Insights into the practices of world-class innovators

    Organizational Benefits

    A Discipline of Innovation

    Everyone who attends the program will be able to apply the “critical few” techniques needed to generate, iterate, and evaluate high potential ideas.

    Accelerates Adoption

    The program and its participants become catalysts for One Hour Innovator, spreading common innovation concepts and practices across the enterprise to dramatically enhance collaboration and the speed of idea development.

    Who Should Attend?

    Individual contributors and managers looking to champion innovation inside their organization

    Tailored To Your Needs

    Innovation Boost Camp is typically a 1–2 day program, but is always tailor-made for each client (e.g., specific content, duration, and number of participants).

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