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  • Enterprise Development Group

    The Enterprise Development Group (EDG) is an international consulting and training firm headquartered in Silicon Valley. EDG specializes in innovation strategy and best practices, organization design, and leadership development for businesses facing complex change.

    EDG's team of expert thinkers, facilitators and trainers have been helping clients "expand the possible" for over 25 years. We work with a wide range of industries- from high tech to sustainability, hospitality to healthcare, academia to energy, transportation to telecommunications, and manufacturing to media.

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    Build Capability

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    Our Offerings

    In addition to the One Hour Innovator, EDG offers a variety of strategic consulting engagements and innovation training programs.

    Innovation Boost Camp:
    The Keys to Creating Compelling Customer Value

    A 1-2 day training program for individual contributors and managers to learn EDG's discipline of innovation and launch One Hour Innovator.

    Secrets of Silicon Valley Innovation Immersion

    A 2-5 day program in Silicon Valley that combines hands-on innovation skill building with company visits as well as conversations with visionary leaders and experts who share their insights and outlooks.

    Leading Innovation:
    Harnessing the Creative Genius of your People

    A 2 day training program that teaches managers how to establish a discipline of innovation within their organization and create a culture of creativity, courage, and collaboration.

    Qandu ("Can Do")

    A 3-phased methodology for bringing Silicon Valley inside an organization and enabling its people to innovate and collaborate at startup speed.

    Partial Client List

    EDG collaborates with the best in the world- companies that have led the way in their industries, and leaders who are committed to continuing their success. Our clients include: